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Dawn Takeoff (Bristol, UK) by peterpayne.

IVRPA at the IAPP Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque

From october 7 through 11, the International Virtual Reality Photography Association (IVRPA) is joining the International Association of Panorama Photographers at their Balloon Fiesta meeting in Albuquerque.

During the fiesta, IVRPA members will be shooting and uploading interactive 360 degree panoramas and still images. These images are shown below, and more are added as the balloon fiesta unfolds.

My first balloon flight

My first balloon flight.
It was a pleasure to meet you all in Albuquerque.
Thanks, Markus

On the way to the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Railway. The open rear platform of the parlor car gives a feeling to be like the former US presidents on their campaign tour through the U.S.
The panorama demonstrates also the very little space requirement for a railway line through the nature and the little to non impact on the environment.

Grand Canyon Railway

After the conference in Albuquerque I visited for the 3rd time the Grand Canyon. For the trip of about 110km from the Amtrak Station Williams to the Canyon and back, I took the comfortable Grand Canyon Railway

Sunset over Horseshoe Bend near Page, Arizona

On our way to Albuquerque we stopped for a night in Page, Arizona.
That day, Me, Matthias Taugwalder and Sandra Mexa watched the sunset over Horseshoe bend. It might look causal to you, but we where in the middle of the Arizona desert with lot's of wind blowing from all sides. Maybe that's why is no one else there except us three!

Balloon Fiesta with Bill Bailey

Bill Bailey in action, shooting his panoramas during the mass ascension.

Mass Ascension

Mass ascension on Saturday Oct. 10, 2009 morning starting at 7am with about 500 balloons. The temperature was near freezing point.

House Rock Valley Paria Canyon/Vermilion Cliffs ...

House Rock Valley is one of the few wide open spaces left in the American West. The rugged hills to the Southwest in black silhouette are the Kaibab Plateau, the geological formation through which the Colorado River has cut the Grand Canyon. In the foreground is the new car I bought in Santa Fe during the conference. I was able to drive home with no problems with the car. My old car, the gray Mercedes wagon, is supposed to arrive home today.

The Grand Canyon at 3:00 a.m. in Light of the ...

I shot this at 3:00 a.m. in a freezing wind at Yaki Point on the Grand Canyon on the Tuesday morning before the conference started in Albuquerque on my way to New Mexico from California.

Balloons All Around

360 degrees of hot air balloons

A Bug's Life

Some sort of bug and the bumble bees

Field of Balloons

Lots of Hot Air Balloons!

Beach ball

This is one big beach ball - another hot air balloon setting up to fly high. Not to worry - the guys aren't "under" the ballon.

Setting Up

Setting up.......

Bumble Bees = Crowd Favorite

The two Bumble Bees are always a crowd favorite as is shooting with all the people standing around.

Willy in Action

Willy Kaemena in action creating a panorama. I would be courious to see his of me :-)

Too Windy for Liftoff

While the other balloons are deflating these guys are holding on while I do a quick pano - thx Ken!
I can say the event offered many panoramic challenges to include moving objects and heavy winds.

Special Shape Glowdeo

This was the Special Shape Glowdeo.

Flying at Sunset

This image shows the Special Shape Balloons flying at sunset. My favorite was the sun flower, really impressive. I was lucky to have my fishing pole around to take the camera up in the air in the middle of the balloons.

Almost there

All forms and shapes started to raise up in the air.

Finally I see some balloons

We had to wait a bit until the air was cool enough for the balloons to raise up in the air, it was perfect and gave us the necessary time to eat dinner before enjoying the show.

Gondola Club

Great, where in, where are the balloons? The balloons where getting ready...

Waiting in line for the Gondola Club

At evening we all went to the Gondola Club for a special privileged dinner and to see the Special Shape Glowdeo. This picture shows the the start of the party with the not so fun waiting line.

Conference Room - Matthias Taugwalder

This is a view from the Albuquerque Conference Room while Matthias Taugwalder was giving his talk about Gigapixel Panoramas in the Alps.

New Mexico Railrunner Train Service

The new Railrunner serves Albuquerque with Belen and Santa Fe. Frequently running trains are becoming more and more popular. They are offering even an alternative during the Ballon Festival to reach the fiesta area in a few minutes without getting stuck in traffic. The service is owned by the state of New Mexico. The top speed is 79 Miles / hour

Group Shot

On Sandia Peak

IAPP and IVRPA Group Shot

Balloon Glowdeo

Some impressions from the "Balloon Glowdeo" event on Thursday evening

Shooting in Lower Antelope Canyon

Another stop on our trip was Lower Antelope Canyon.

Delicate Arch at Arches National Park

This panorama shows Delicate Arch in Arches National Park which we visited on our trip to Albuquerque.

Gondola Club

Dinner at the Gondola Club prior to the appearance of the balloons