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Dawn Takeoff (Bristol, UK) by peterpayne.

Sunset over Horseshoe Bend near Page, Arizona

On our way to Albuquerque we stopped for a night in Page, Arizona.
That day, Me, Matthias Taugwalder and Sandra Mexa watched the sunset over Horseshoe bend. It might look causal to you, but we where in the middle of the Arizona desert with lot's of wind blowing from all sides. Maybe that's why is no one else there except us three!
We had to leave in a hurry under a sand storm. I will only say that our exit back to the car on the other side of those dunes was not an easy one. At least for me it was a first time experience to be under a sand storm and quite a feat to get rid of all that sand all over me and my gear.
For those curious of you, that light stick I am holding, it's actually my fishing pole.